Monday, September 3, 2012

Alternatives to Candy for Trick or Treat (Don't worry, no apples or toothbrushes involved!)

Soooooo…..Fall is looming, which means that Halloween is just around the corner!! Trick-or-treating has always been a big deal in our house! I love coming up with creative ideas for our give-outs, such as these so easy and adorable “Spider Pops!” (All the way at the bottom of the page, she also has some other great ideas for Halloween on that page.) But, this year, I’ve decided that we are going to try some alternatives to sugar filled candies and chocolates! I found some of my ideas here.

First, I’ve decided that we will be giving out small goody-bags, cheap cellophane bags are the easiest and least expensive options. I will be purchasing mine from Oriental Trading, and I’ve chose two different kinds, these and these, but they have many other fall and Halloween options, too. Obviously, you don’t need both kinds, I’m just one of those people that doesn’t like to give the same thing to every kid.

Inside those goody-bags, we will be giving out Halloween stickers (these you can buy on a roll, cheap for the amount that you get!) and Halloween glow-in-the-dark tattoos, both also purchased from Oriental Trading. We will also include a bag of fruit snacks, lower sugar content than candy and the added bonus of vitamins! Plus, many of them are gluten free, so gluten free families can enjoy them. I’ve also decided that we will be including mini glow-in-the-dark Halloween rubber duckies, which can be purchased from the link, or from Oriental Trading! We are going all out this year, mostly because we can afford to this year, but obviously you don’t need to include all of these things in your give-outs, but anything alternative to candy is something I’m sure parents will appreciate.

I will update the week of Halloween with pictures of our goody-bags and info on the response from parents and kids!