Thursday, August 2, 2012

Goin' Through Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

My husband and I recently decided to give up my car. We purchased it just over a year ago, and have had nothing but problems with it since day one. It needs so much work at this point, that the cost of the work would out-value the car. So I'm calling this a "strategic  repossession." The company that we purchased the vehicle from has been all but empathetic to our situation. We have informed them many-a-times the issues that we've had with the car from the minute we drove it off of the lot. They actually told us last month that if we pay to have all the issues with the car fixed, then they would be willing to trade us for a different vehicle. HA! So, yeah, then we would not only be out the $5000 that we still owe (Yeah, the car blue-books for $3200,) we would also be out the $4000 to fix it. After that, then they would gladly charge us another $7500 for another vehicle. So we would be in debt $16,500, and they would be whistling dixie all the way to the bank...... UGH NO! So we are calling them next week and telling them that we will stop making payments on the car, and they can come tow it from the house (because it doesn't run...)

Now, my oh-so-gracious mother-in-law is selling us her '98 Tahoe for $3000, which is less than blue book. The catch is that we have to go to Florida, where she and her husband live, to pick it up. So, we are taking a trip!!! YAY FOR VACAYS!!! The end of October we will be flying down, staying for a few days, sunbathing, shopping, and going to Universal!! Woot, woot! Then we will be driving the Tahoe back up here to Ohio. My poor parents, in the midst of this, have the undeniable pleasure of babysitting our three heathen dogs (okay, two heathen dogs and a large lump of a lab that just needs a cookie to get through the day.) Needless to say, we are extremely thankful to be blessed with the great family that both my husband and I have.

Anyways, now onto the real reason I'm posting today. With all of these changes, I've decided that we must paint!!! And, yes, it's just me, my husband is all, "really, why do we need to paint a rental???" Well, my loving, caring, yielding (but only to me because I'm so convincing!!) husband, we must paint because it is time for a change!! We need some color! (Well, actually we need an ecru, or vanilla, so we don't give our landlord a heart attack.) Nevertheless it's time for a change, a teeny, weeny change. But hey, change is change, right? I mean, you wouldn't throw away a penny anymore than you would a quarter!! So now, we are in the stage of choosing a color (aka shade of white) to paint our living room, hallway, and bathroom. I've also thought of doing the kitchen, but our kitchen is coffee themed, and I'd like to do a brown base, like latte or something in there, and that may be too far out of the realm of white our landlord is keen to (I think he may own share in the "White Shade Paint Stock.") I will try to reveal this HUGE change in the next few weeks. Prepare to be blown away by all the shades of white you will be seeing!